Our annual "Baptism at the Lake" is July 30th. On that weekend there will be no Services here on our campus. That Sunday will start with a great Potluck at noon, so bring your best food.  Then about 1 pm we will have a Service with music and testimonies, the best Service of the year. I get so incredibly blessed hearing peoples' stories about how they came to Jesus. Then we will have the Baptism, and again I get so blessed watching people act out by being immersed in the water, their commitment to Jesus as Lord of their life where they are buried with Him going under the water and raised to newness of life when they come out. Wow!!
If you haven't been baptized, this is God's will for your lifeBaptism is the ceremony of becoming a disciple of Jesus, one who does His work. Being a fully devoted follower of Jesus is the most rewarding life on the planet. There will be classes this coming weekend on Saturday night at 5:45 pm, and next Tuesday night at 4:45pm (this class is especially for young people to attend who would like to be baptized.) There will be classes the following Sunday as well.
I am teaching a "Men's Leadership Class" this Fall and a "Men's Leadership Class 2".  I also am teaching a "Ladies Discipleship Class" this Fall as well. The Men's Class 1 will be offered at 3 time slots, once on Saturday nights, and twice on Sundays.  The "Ladies Class" will be at 10:15 am during the "Discipleship Hour" on Sundays. If you are interested, send me an email at duke@jeffersonbaptistchurch.org.







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