I hope you all have just about gotten your goals for 2018 written and plan on reading them several times each week, and sharing them with me. One of the surest ways to get your goals accomplished is to be in a weekly accountability group. If you are not in one, make that your first goal of 2018, then email, text, or call me and I will get you in one and then you can cross it off, wow, you should feel better now.
I am starting a "Young Marrieds" fellowship group which will meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm. I had advertised that it would start on January 2nd, but it is not going to start until January 23rd. If you are married and under 40 years of age you qualify to be part of the group, so plan on it.  We will meet upstairs in the "Discipleship Center", and there will be child care for those who need it.







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